Slovakia Update #78 – MAGA

Today has been a fantastic day. I have to acknowledge something first though. I know my quality for my blog posts has gone down a bit, but I am determined to fix that. I remember times when I was proud to publish it everywhere. Yes, that was when my blog was at it’s highest. I promise you here, that I will improve the quality, bringing it back to where it was before. You might say… I am making it great again. 

In all seriousness, yes I want to improve my blogs content, but there are more important, pressing matters I have to discuss today. Where else to begin that this morning? After waking up and making my way to school, I hadn’t realised that it was snowing until I was nearly drenched. It has been snowing nearly all day now, although it didn’t seem to stick; it was too warm. Something that I am very thankful for however, is the fact that the book I am reading I is much slower paced. Because of this I can worry less about flying through the pages in a matter of days. After a relatively short day of school, I find on my desk a note saying that no one was home and my package was at the post office. 

I knew what was in this package, but I was still as excited as a kid on christmas. I quickly put on my coat, and ran out to the post office in the snow. Although dying and out of breath, when I made it to the post office, I could barely stand still; I was so excited! After about half an hour of waiting in line, finally I had my hands on what I had been waiting for. Sheltering it under my coat, I made my way back home. I was smiling all the way (with some people giving me some strange looks).

After barely being able to hold my excitement, I ripped open the package, to find some wonderful gifts from my mother; a tank themed playing card set, some pins from Washington DC, some candies, and last but certainly not least: my MAGA hat. Of course, I wouldn’t want to argue politics with anyone on here, so I am going to give the most straightforward answer I can. I am a very patriotic person, and when someone offers such a fantastic cause to rally under, one that I am under the impression is wholesome, I will certainly devote myself to it. Note: this could be interpreted in a many different ways, but I only mean it in the best of ways.

I must thank my mom for sending me this fantastic package, not only did it make my day today, I am already excited for tomorrow. I may or may not have been telling some of my classmates that this might be coming. Thank you mom!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to my now 8 year old brother Austin!! I miss you buddy!

Today’s word of the day is:

vlajka – flag

Pronounced like vlayka, I am feeling 150% patriotic today!


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  • Julie

    November 27, 2017

    Austin said “Thank you.”


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