Slovakia Update #81 – A Big Lunch & an even BIGGER Thanksgiving Dinner!

I feel like a big brown bear, preparing myself for the winter. I have eaten so much food in the past few days I feel like I won’t need to be eating for another week. Although it has been quite a bit of food, I can say with certainty that it has been some of the best food I have ever tried, and today was no exception. From a Czech meal at a rotarians house to thanksgiving with an immigrated American, it was so good I wish I had the stomach to eat more. 

I woke up today in the late morning, preparing myself and cleaning up my room. My counselor came by to pick me up, and we made our way to a Rotarians (I would use their name, but I am not sure how to spell it…) house for lunch. We arrived at their house, and within a few minutes sat down for some food. To start we had some excellent chicken soup, and the main course was a Czech meal. Containing dumplings, pork, and what I believe to be red cabbage. It was all excellent, but it didn’t even come closer to the dessert. For dessert, we had an excellent strawberry and chocolate cake, which simply melted in my mouth. I absolutely stuffed myself, I was surprised I could make it through the doorway with how much food I had just eaten. But oh no, that wasn’t all for my cuisine adventure today, not by a long shot. 

After lunch, Nicole and I went of with Nicole’s counselor to go and prepare food for dinner at her house. On the way, we picked up Ashley and an American teacher in Slovakia who would be joining us as well. I must admit, that I didn’t help cook, rather I played an interesting card game that the American teacher had brought along with her. Ashley did help cook, she helped with a large portion of the sweet potatoes. After the cooking was finished, we packed it up and drove off to another man’s house; he had been living in Slovakia for the past 22 years and invited us Americans (and Taiwanese) to participate in a Thanksgiving feast. At this point, Nicole and I were worried that we might be falling into a food coma. 

Once we arrived at the house, we sat and talked for a little while, until we were all hungry enough to head out to the main table for our thanksgiving meal. Before the meal, we had a customary session of saying what each of us was thankful for, until we could no longer hold back: it was time to feast. The food was fantastic, and I must say that the man that cooked the food (I only know him as “Chuck” but I don’t want to be using any names he wouldn’t like), did an absolute job cooking the stuffing, which was absolutely amazing. Not to say that the rest of it wasn’t fantastic, just that the stuffing stood out to me as amazing. We wrapped the meal up with a dessert that screams American: apple pie. Am I imagining it, or is there a saying Nothing is more American than baseball and apple pie. At least, that’s how I think it goes. 

I can happily say, that I had an excellent time today, eating enough food to feed a small country (maybe one like Slovakia?). On to more housekeeping items, today has been an interesting day for my blog. I have gotten more page views today than I have in two weeks, and I don’t believe that I have posted anything all too exceptional. Interestingly, it was all in the early morning (Slovak time), which leads me to believe it was probably just a reader catching up on quite a few posts. Either way, I find it interesting. 

I have been so busy over these past few days, that I haven’t been able to get anything done. I have submitted a few creative writing articles to a circle that I joined a while back, and I just haven’t had the time to overview the critiques and build upon them this weekend. I am hoping to get to it after this post, but it is already 9:30 and I have school tomorrow, even worse PE. So, I think now is better than ever to end it off. Today’s word of the day is:

cola┼í – cake

Pronounced like colash, I had some fantastic cake today. I actually am not sure if it is spelled like that, I have never actually read the word before. That is how it sounds anyway. 

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