Slovakia Update #83 – Sylvester the Snowman & Christmas Market (Again)

I know I talked about it snowing in an earlier post, but today was the first day that the snow really stuck. I was amazed at first, and then something that my classmates had told me earlier really sunk in:

It’s only getting colder from here

I woke up this morning, feeling a little tired, but I still rolled myself out of bed. When I got up and looked out the window, I was greeted with the site of my entire apartment complex coated in a few inches of snow. I was shocked at the rate it had accumulated, because when I went to bed the previous night, I hadn’t noticed any kind of snow. An issue that I noticed the second I stepped outside my apartment today, was that the shoes I had were not suited for the snow. Sure, the pure slav adidas that I was wearing would help me squat in comfort, but trudging through the snow? No, I needed boots. I saved that thought for later.

Once my Slovak lessons were over for the day, Ashley and I went to the mall. While we were there, we both bought boots, and immediately put them on after we stepped out of the store. Feeling confident in our new kicks, we walked down to the town square, where the christmas market was really starting up. After walking around for awhile, trying different foods and beverages, we finally sat down on some steps, where we talked for a while. When it came time for Ashley to go, I bid her farewell and I grabbed some trdelnik for the trip home. And oh boy, was that amazing. Just a heads up: the pictures I have of the christmas market are not from today, as you can probably tell from the lack of snow. They are from yesterday, but I was too lazy to wait for them to upload. Whoops. 

After I got home, it was not long until my host sister, her friend Teresa, and I went out to go and play in the snow. We were out there for the better half of two hours, freezing half to death, but having a great time. The quality of the images isn’t the best, but what can you do when it is snowing and dark. 

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