Slovakia Update #85 – Photography, Libraries, and Communication Club

When you are stuck in a relatively small town in a country most Americans couldn’t even put on a map, then you have to stick together. Ashley, Nicole and I have found this crucial to our survival here, without each others comfort and support we probably couldn’t have made it this far.

Monday, is what I would call the universal Rotary meeting date. Of course, this is only speculation, but everyone I meet seems to have their Rotary club meet on monday. This Monday, instead of the normal “Some random guy gives a speech on how to make the world a better place” we visited a small gallery of a celebrated photographer in the other Banska Bystrica Rotary Club. The photos that he had at the event were absolutely spectacular, mainly showing the Fatras mountains.

During that meeting, I probably had more fun than any other meeting. Mostly because it was a combination of the two clubs in Banska Bystrica, the BB Trio (Ashley, Nicole, and myself) were able to have a fun evening together. During our time there, we had some fantastic food and discussed the photos in great detail. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of what the event would entail, so I was not prepared enough to bring my camera. Oh well, better luck next time I suppose. 

Today comes around, and it was an absolute blast. I leave school early because I didn’t have my last period class, and I go grab some food with Ashley in the town square. We had a luscious chicken sandwich, which reminded me all too much of the Chick-Fil-a grilled chicken sandwich. After quickly finishing up the sandwich, we made our way to the nearest bus stop: we had an adventure ahead of us. 

I had made plans with my counselors wife Dana, for her to show us the American literature library at the school she works at. At first we just picked out a few books, I picked out a book on Thomas Jefferson, because I need to prepare mentally and politically for this weekend. I am going to need it. After we finished in the American literature section, I asked about finding educational books, such as math or physics, and we then went on a small quest all around the university campus asking different professors if they had our level of education. Unfortunately, the only professors that had books that would be remotely understandable was a math professor and biology professor. I took the math book, which happens to be a Calculus book, although I left the biolog book because I am deathly allergic to sciences. 

After that, we planned on going to the train station to get our student train cards, but we soon found that watching a comedian on YouTube was much more interesting. 

After wasting a few hours of our lives, we realised that it was nearly time to meet up with our newly found Communications Club. An American teacher that is teaching at a local university, invited us to this club that she has been hosting for the past few weeks. The goal of the club, is to meet and talk with people from other cultures, and well… communicate. It took Ashley and I nearly an hour to find the group, but once we did it was quite the experience. There were around 7 people excluding us Americans there, and they were from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan (I believe that was all, but if I forgot one sorry!!). We talked about differences between American and Slovak/Slavic schools, and we eventually played Apples to Apples together. It was a very unique experience, and I am excited for next.

The post is a bit lacking in details, although you are going to have to take my excuse of being very tired and it is very late. This week is a very hectic and it is only getting crazier from here. I need to get my bus pass by Friday, because that is when I am leaving for my second official Slovakia Rotary meeting in Bratislava. And the night before that, Nicole and I might be staying the night at Ashley’s house. Ahh!! Too much to do!


  • G man

    December 5, 2017

    Alright, I’ll pick just one. “Fatras mountains” ?

  • Ginger

    December 6, 2017

    I do believe, Alex, you should take your camera everywhere you go just in case! I would love to see many more pictures of your adventures!! Sounds like a great time!


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