Slovakia Update #95 – 5 Days with the Reicans

For the past 5 days or so, I have been staying with the Reican’s in Banska Bystrica, because my host family was in Austria on vacation. Today I am going to talk about my opinion on that, and how I felt during the end of my winter break.

I would love to go on about the wonderful adventures that I had staying with the Reicans and Nicole over the weekend, but unfortunately the most exciting thing that we found ourselves doing was going sledding for a few hours. My time with them began in the evening 5 days ago, and when I arrived at their flat I was surprised to find that I would be staying in the same room as Nicole for the duration for the duration of my stay. I will discuss this more later, but that was not the plan I was originally told, so it surprised me a little bit. The way the sleeping situation was arranged, was that Nicole would be sleeping in her bed normally, and I would be across the room with the desk in the center acting as a sort of barrier.

Even though I was there for 5 days, that short paragraph does a fairly good job of summarizing my experience. Now I am going to discuss the “politics” of it. To be straight out, I will openly say that I was dissatisfied for the duration of my stay.The Reicans did everything they could to make it feel like home for me (and it was up until a week ago), and to that I have to give my utmost thanks. I don’t think I can say how thankful I am towards them for treating me so well in the first few months that I have stayed here in Slovakia, and for the past 5 days as well. With that being said, I cannot point the blame onto my current host family, the Zillinkys. They told me that beforehand, I was supposed to be with them in my third term, however some kind of event rose with my other host family to change that. They had planned the vacation in mind, not realising that they would be hosting an exchange student at the same time. And because of this, I cannot put the blame on anything other than the situation itself.

I was frustrated that I had to spend the last 5 days of my winter break away from my room and family, on a (not incredibly comfortable) pull out trundle, set in the corner of the room. I know this is a very first world problem (technically second world right?), but because Nicole was the current resident of the room, she had priority to the ethernet in the room, leaving my laptop without internet for the duration of my stay. The reason that I am posting this now, and I haven’t said anything earlier, is the fact that I was not able to so(to clarify: the wifi doesn’t reach into the room I was in). To wrap up what I am saying here: I am frustrated, because I had to spend a third of my winter break cramped in a small room on a pullout trundle, doing absolutely nothing due to the lack of a connection to the outside world. And no, you can’t call this a first world problem, because Slovakia is a second-world country. Ha. In all seriousness though, I am only frustrated at the unavoidable situation, and I am not frustrated with the Reicans or the Zillinskys.


Note: I don’t know how many people pay attention to the titles, but yes I am aware that I cannot count for the life of me.

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