Slovakia Update #104 – Košice Day Trip

Košice is a fantastic city, although I didn’t have much time to tour it. I was sitting in bed one night, when I get a text from my good friend Peter Babic. He asks me if I want to do something the next day. I say sure, and then I ask him what we should do. He replied with just one word: Košice.

I had to get up in the morning early to be able to catch the bus. The bus left just after 6:00, and it drove straight to the nearby city of Zvolen. Once I was in Zvolen, I waited about an hour for the train to arrive. During that time, I met with Peter, and we had time to discuss somethings.

The weather that day was truly excellent. Clear skies, although I must admit it was a tad chilly. Overall though, I couldn’t have asked for a better day to be able to see Slovakia’s second biggest city.

The train ride there took nearly three hours, and by the time we arrived in the city, we were both starving. I told my dear friend Peter not to worry, as I had prepared the night before. I then began to list off a series of appropriate restaurants we could try. He then asked me if had the directions to them, and I confirmed with him that I had no idea where they were, and that I only had the names. Oh boy would it be a fun afternoon.

Luckily, as we were walking down the mainstreet in the old town, we found my #1 restaurant of choice: Haluškáreň. As hinted by the name, the restaurant serves the most famous Slovak dish: Halušky. We arrived to the restaurant just as they were opening, so there was practically no wait time. The Halušky was probably the best I have had here in Slovakia, and that is really saying something because I have had a lot of Halušky. I must say that I absolutely loved the inside of the building. The theme of the building so perfectly fit the old style vibe that was given off. For a quick and easy restaurant in Košice, I couldn’t recommend a restaurant better than Haluškáreň.

Best Halusky I have ever had

After we finished up with eating in Haluškáreň, we decided we would spend the rest of our time touring the Staré Mesto, or in English the “old town”. We had limited time however, as our train left at approximately 3:23 PM, and we arrived just after 10AM. The time here is important, keep that in mind.

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral in Košice

As we toured the city, we noticed a common denominator: nearly everything is closed on Mondays. We couldn’t find a single museum or general tourist destination that was open to the public. However, it was still quite nice to tour the outside city, even if the winds racing through the alleyways were a little cold.

Peter and I decide to run to Tesco for a quick snack, and as we are leaving the store we decide it would be a good idea to check the time. Looking at my phone it said 3:13. I felt all the blood drain from my face as I told Peter the hour. We both started booking it for the train station. Now you might ask: why do you need to run? You have just about 10 minutes! Of course, we did have a bit of time, but we also had a good bit of distance to cover. We were nearly a mile from the station, loaded with snacks and drinks. So it was certainly necessary to run. We arrived at the train in just the nick of time, because as we were boarding the doors closed and it began rolling. Boy was that close.

Košice is a beautiful city. I did not have time to tour anything more than a small portion of the old town, however from what I saw it was absolutely stunning. If I had to relate it to something it would probably be Vienna, as they both have similar architecture and stylings. Although I am sure many cities from that same era have similar stylings, from where I have gone that is the most familiar. Thank you Peter for taking me buddy! It was a blast.

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