Slovakia Update #105 – Day Trip to Bešeňová

Although I can’t call myself a connoisseur of water parks worldwide, I can note some very interesting differences between Slovak waterparks and Californian water parks. They both have their different perks, and both being aimed towards different audiences.

We began our day in the early morning, heading out of the house just after breakfast. It was just about a 2 hour drive to Bešeňová, which is located just 17km from the water park that I visited recently in my ski week trip, Tatralandia. From the outside, it is honestly quite impressive. As you can see in the picture, there is a massive structure jutting out from the center, with 6 little water slides sticking out.

The waterpark to the right with the (possibly?) High Tatras contrasting in the background

For the most part, all Slovak water parks are fairly similar. The similarity I am referring to, is the style in which you prepare yourself to enter the park. I have only attended these waterparks during the winter months, so I can’t say for certain what it is like during the spring and summer months. When you enter the waterpark, you most likely will get a waterproof electronic wristband. This wristband keeps track of your allotted time, and it is your entrance ticket (don’t loose it, it is up to a 70 Euro replacement cost!).

Once you pass through the gates, you need to take your shoes off. This is very important, don’t wear your shoes into the changing rooms! Once your shoes are off, you can head inside the changing rooms. In the changing rooms, you are given a locker, with your electronic wristband being the key to lock and unlock it. Really quite convenient! Once changed and with your locker safely locked up, you can head out to have some fun!

I spent most of my day on the water slides, climbing my way up the flights and flights of stairs to make my way to the top. Besides the water slides, there were some other separate attractions, such as the wave pool, bar pools, kiddy pools, and the outdoor pool. And to be perfectly honest with you, the outdoor pool was my favorite part.

You might think all of the Slovaks and I as insane to want to go outside in a pool at the end of the winter, but fear not: it was heated. I believe it was a naturally heated pool, although I can’t be quite sure. I had a great time in the outdoor pool, relaxing in the scalding hot water. There was even a few different pools with varying temperatures, so if you felt a little too hot you could go and chill out in the more lukewarm pool.

I had a great time at Bešeňová water park, and I am very grateful that my host family was able to take me. I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area!

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